Rules for the Hunt: 7 Safety Tips for Hunting Trips

Tess DiNapoli
4 min readJan 18

By: Mackenzie Prugh

Hunting is an awesome pastime and is loved by many, but it’s important to remain safe to be able to stay in the game. There are plenty of methods to staying safe, but this list should help make sure that you are prepared for your hunt. If you’re traveling, ensure you’re prepared beforehand and make a list of items needed for your trip.

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  1. Weapon Safety

Whether you are hunting with a bow, crossbow, or air gun, safety is paramount. Only point your weapon in a safe direction or at your target. Weapons are not toys; they can be dangerous and should be handled with care. Make sure your weapons are well-maintained. For example, clean your gun at the end of the season and make sure your bow strings are waxed. Practice with your equipment and make sure that you’re prepared to make an ethical shot on any animal you may be hunting.

2. Safety Harness

When tree stand hunting, it’s important to wear a harness going up and down the tree and have a lineman rope once you’re in the stand. When you are off the ground, you should always be attached to the tree. Make sure that your harness isn’t frayed or worn and replace it if it no longer fits. Wear your harness close to your body, under your heavy clothing to avoid issues if you fall. You never know what might happen and a safety harness could be what saves your life.

3. Stand Safety

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Tree stands are sometimes left up year-round, and it’s important to maintain them and to check them regularly. During spring and summer, trees will expand due to heat and growth. Check ratchet straps for fraying and loosen them at the end of season. When you take your stands down, check for spots of rust and grease hinges. Check steps and ladder sticks. To be extra safe, add traction tape to help in the cold months so you don’t slip while going up and down the tree.

4. Spatial Awareness

Be aware of the land you are on and who the owners are. Obey all posted signs and do not…

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